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  • Product Code: #2900S-73

    Dial Indicator # 2900S-73

    Range/Size: 0-.08mm

    Graduations: .001mm

    Price: $215.00 $184.90
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    Product Description

    2900S-73 Mitutoyo Dial Indicator - Standard One Revolution Type for Error-free Reading: 0.08mm

    The Mitutoyo 2900S-73 Dial Indicator has the following specifications:

    • Range: 0.08mm
    • Graduations: 0.001mm
    • Range/Full Stroke: 0.01mm
    • Dial Reading: 40-0-40
    • Type: with lug
    • Accuracy: +/- 0.003mm
    • Measuring Force: 2.0N or less
    • Stem/Shank: 3/8"
    • Contact Point: #4-48 UNF Thread Yellow Dial Face
    • Type: ANSI/AGD
    • One Revolution Type: Y
    • Shockproof Type: Y
    • Dustproof Type: Y
    • Jeweled Bearing Type: Y


    • An unique shock-proof mechanism is incorporated, providing improved immunity to shock due to sudden spindle retraction caused by high impact.
    • The crystal is hard coated for durability and scratch resistance.
    • Approximately 40% lighter than the conventional dial indicator.
    • Provided with an improved resistance to shop floor contaminants such as water and dust.
    • Due to the spindle bushing being offset from the stem, spindle movement will not be hindered or jammed when clamping along the stem.
    • A pair of limit hands are provided for quick and easy tolerance judgment (GO/±NG).

    Dial Indicator - Inch:

    ANSI/AGD Type:

    Dial Indicator - Metric:

    ANSI/AGD Type:

    • 2900S-73 Dial Indicator: 0.08mm
    • 2900SB-73 Dial Indicator: 0.08mm
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