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Machinist Levels

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Level Brands:

Higher Precision also carries the following brands of levels that are not yet available for online purchase. These brands will be added to our online catalog within the next few months.  If you would like a quote on a specific level of any of the brands listed below, please contact us today.

  • Brown and Sharpe Levels
  • SPI (Swiss Precision Instruments) Levels
  • Mahr Federal Levels
  • Phase II Levels

Machinist levels are used as an accurate method to be able to level and check vertical and horizontal shafts and surfaces. These levels are commonly used for machine tool geometry and surface plate calibration. To increase the efficiency of large machines, the machines have to be leveled as accurately as possible and machinist levels are the tool most commonly used to do this.

These levels are available as bubble or spirit levels as well as electronic levels depending on the operator’s preference. Higher Precision offers levels in a variety of different lengths and sensitivities. Several levels have prismatic bases which allow a higher degree of accuracy when measuring rounded surfaces. Magnetic inserts come standard on some models which make leveling vertical application much easier for the operator. Higher Precision offers machinist levels from some of the most trusted brands in the industry.

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